Innovative Health is an advanced, FDA regulated device economics company that helps Cardiology (Electrophysiology) labs reduce procedure costs, so they can adopt newer and better technology, improve patient care, and offer their services to more patients. We reduce procedure costs by offering reprocessed single-use devices at a significantly reduced price. Our focus is on Electrophysiology devices, which are among the most expensive medical devices used. Other reprocessors offer electrophysiology and cardiology products. However, as a specialty reprocessor, Innovative Health is focused entirely in cardiology . This means we focus our investment in new reprocessing technologies and FDA clearances in this area only. As a result, we get more clearances to reprocess still more complex technologies which means hospitals can achieve higher savings.

Innovative Health was founded in 2015 by a team of reprocessing pioneers to push the boundaries of the industry and provide higher savings to hospitals in North America. Given the strategy, the company is highly R&D focused and our team of engineers as well as regulatory and quality experts have deep scientific and clinical knowledge about Electrophysiology technology. We work with many of the leading hospitals in the United States, and several of these have become our research partners.