Innovative Health’s next-generation reprocessing program combines optimal savings with industry-leading expertise and a direct service model that minimizes operational challenges.

Reprocessing has come a long way. However, programs are plagued by inefficiencies and sub-optimal savings results due to a lack of device focus and operational insight. Innovative Health’s reprocessing program is focused on devices that produce the highest possible savings: These are found in the Cath Lab. Our reprocessing operations and our service processes are designed to optimize savings in this area.

Our direct service model minimizes operational challenges in running an efficient reprocessing program: The hospital sends the devices to Innovative Health for reprocessing. Innovative Health sends the devices back to the hospital. We offer collection programs that are tailored to meet your facility’s needs along with optimal program management.

Transparency about cost savings potential is important to the hospital. Innovative Health’s reprocessing program comes with a standard savings guarantee so that you can know how much you will save.


Reprocessing of single-use devices is regulated by the FDA. Since its inception in the 1980s, reprocessing has undergone a regulatory overhaul that has left the industry with practices that are arguably safer than those of original manufacturers.

While there are failures in all medical device categories, data suggests that failure rates for reprocessed devices are lower than those of original devices. This is because ALL devices are inspected prior to leaving our facility. Innovative Health keeps a record of all device failures.


Reprocessing diverts thousands of pounds from the medical waste landfills every year. In fact, medical device reprocessing may be the most effective sustainability initiative a hospital can take – since environmental impact reductions are coupled with substantial financial savings.

The healthcare sector is responsible for massive environmental impact through improper waste management and resource utilization. When hospitals throw away certain single-use devices after only one use, they are contributing to an ever-increasing environmental burden from the healthcare sector. Many single-use devices can safely be used multiple times. Through Innovative Health’s reprocessing program, hospitals can avoid this environmental impact and ensure proper resource utilization.