The Future of Reprocessing

Reprocessing single-use devices is smart business and responsible healthcare. Innovative Health takes reprocessing to the next level by aggressively pursuing new technologies and focusing on savings support.

Making a Difference in Healthcare

Innovative Health introduces a targeted, high-impact Cardiology program to realize the largest possible savings from using reprocessed single-use devices. The Innovative Health team consists of the reprocessing pioneers who founded the industry. Innovative Health is the next generation in reprocessing, realizing optimal savings while reducing complexity: New technologies, more savings, better service.

Pursuing New Technologies

Cardiology and Electrophysiology technology is changing rapidly and we know that some of the most expensive devices are not currently being reprocessed. Innovative Health is aggressively pursuing FDA clearance for reprocessing of new device categories.

Bringing Value Back

Realizing optimal savings from your reprocessing program means working with your reprocessing partner to look at current utilization and spend – and to look at future savings opportunities. Innovative Health consultants visit with the hospital every month to go through current achievements as well as future opportunities – and open the door to added savings.

Cardiology Focus

Cath Labs and EP Labs are a high cost area for the hospital but also a potential center for financial excellence. Innovative Health is focusing exclusively on these clinical areas because reprocessing should not be a device savings activity – it should be a roadmap to service line excellence.