The Future of Reprocessing

Reprocessing single-use devices is smart business and responsible healthcare. Innovative Health takes reprocessing into the future by helping hospitals control their supply costs and aggressively pursuing new technologies.

The potential of reprocessing

Innovative Health is committed to helping healthcare realize the potential of medical device reprocessing: To become the key strategy for controlling supply chain costs.

Reprocessing pioneers, who founded and grew the industry, introduce a novel approach to reprocessing focused on technology and device utilization.


Technological innovation and increasing demand for heart related procedures have made cardiology and electrophysiology (EP) devices one of the greatest cost areas for the hospital. In fact, many hospitals lose money on standard cases.

Innovative Health is focused in cardiology and electrophysiology, so that we can produce the greatest savings. We back your program with deep scientific, clinical and technological expertise.

Boundaries of reprocessing

For years, the boundaries of reprocessing have been defined by a limited list of OR and – very expensive – Cardiology devices.

Electrophysiology and cardiology technology is changing rapidly and more and more of the most expensive devices cannot currently be reprocessed.

Innovative Health is aggressively pushing the boundaries of reprocessing, so hospitals can realize higher savings.

Enabling better care

Reprocessing is not about buying inexpensive devices. Reprocessing is about enabling hospitals to provide better care through savings.

Ever-increasing device costs is a very real problem for hospitals. When device costs go up, hospitals must reduce service and patients lose.

Managing reprocessing programs for maximum impact makes it possible for the hospital to better control supply costs and provide better care.