How It Works

How does reprocessing work with Innovative Health? The process is simple, but it is worthwhile to look at the different steps involved.

The first step is that devices are collected from the hospital. After devices are shipped to the Innovative Health facility, they are sorted and identified to ensure they are cleared for reprocessing. Each device is labeled with a unique serial number to ensure traceability. The devices then go through a proprietary cleaning process. Devices are then tested using validated and approved testing equipment to ensure functionality. Devices are sterilized and quarantined until all sterilization tests are successfully completed. Only then are devices available for ordering. Upon ordering, devices are shipped to the healthcare facility in convenient and protective packaging.

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These are the logistics of Innovative Health reprocessing. However, how your reprocessing program is managed is more important than how you collect and purchase your devices. Innovative Health helps you maximize savings through an aggressive, value-focused program management approach that consists of three steps: program setup, savings reports, and business reviews.

Program Setup

Innovative Health works with you to evaluate current device spend and provide estimates of cost savings that can be realized through our program

Savings Report

We provide you with monthly reports on what savings have been achieved.

Business Reviews

On a quarterly basis, Innovative Health has you review program achievements as well as opportunities for savings growth that may not have been addressed.